Adding a Client to a Case

Now that you’ve created a new case in OpenFIT the next step is to add a client to the case. After you create a new case the next screen you see is the Add Clients screen.

To create a new client click on the + sign under the ‘New Client’ label.

Client Record Number

You are asked to enter a  ‘Client Number’. This is the reference number that your agency assigns to this new client. Generally it will be on the paperwork you have for this client or in your case/client record system.

If you have a simple filing system where the client and case no are the same it is fine to use the same number that you used for the case.

If you do not have a client number we suggest you create a simple client number using the clients initials and the date the client was added to the case.

First and Last Name

Next enter some basic information about the Client. If you prefer, you can enter “Anonymous” and use the Client Record Number as a reference to link the Client back to your main record system.

Date of Birth

The Date of Birth is used later on to determine the correct Survey to use and for certain algorithms used in the system.

Note: If you are choosing that your clients remain anonymous in the OpenFIT system, make sure you put in a date of birth that matches your client age i.e. whether they are under 18 or over 18 so that when you are creating reports in regards to demographics of your clients, they are accurate.


You can select which language that the clients use. This determines the language of the ORS and SRS measures that will be administered.


Tags are labels that you can associate with your client. They can be used for example to link Cases to a type of service e.g. ‘Addiction’ or to a specific clinic or area e.g. ‘Outreach’. They can then be used to filter Cases and Clients on the Case and Client List Screen and can also be used in the reporting component of OpenFIT.

To add a tag to a client select a tag from the Tag drop down menu. If the menu does not contain the tag you require then you can request the Administrator for your OpenFIT account to create additional Tags.

Add an existing Client

You can add an existing client who is already in the OpenFIT system to the case. Sometimes a client that has been discharged from your service may return or it was a long time since you last saw the client or a new clinician will see the client. In these circumstances you may want to create a new case but use the existing client details.

You can select this existing client from the drop down menu.

When you have completed this screen please click Next to go to the Add Collateral Rater screen. If you are not adding a collateral rater click Next again to go to the Add Clinician screen or Save and Exit to return to the Case and Client List screen. Click Previous to return to the previous screen or Cancel to exit the screen without saving.