Create a new Case

Before you meet with a client for the first time we recommend that you create a new case and enter the case details.

To create a new Case click on the Add Case Button on the Case and Client Screen.

This will take you to the New Case screen where you can Add the Case details and then add the client to the case.

Below are the details you are asked to enter from the ‘New Case screen’.

Case Number

Case Number is the first detail to add here and this is the reference number that your agency assigns to this new Case. This will generally be on the paperwork you have available for this new case or in your client record system.


Next you select the Case Type. You have four options here, Individual, Couple, Family or Group. It is important you select the correct case type as this will affect the options you have later.

Start Date

The start date of the case will default to today’s date. To change it, click on the calendar icon to the right of the date.


Select the Case Status. This will default to the status ‘Open’.

Later when the case has ended you can select the options ‘Closed – Planned’ if the case was closed by agreement with the therapist and client or clients or ‘Closed – Unplanned’ for cases that close because the client or clients have not attended scheduled sessions.


This is a text field that allows you to write some notes that describe the case or are relevant to the case.


To add a Tag to a case select a Tag from the Tag drop down menu. Tags are words that are associated with a Case. They can be used for example to link Cases to a type of service e.g. ‘Addiction’ or to a specific clinic or area e.g. ‘Outreach’. They can then be used to filter Cases and Clients on the Case and Client List Screen and can also be used in the reporting component of OpenFIT.

Note: If the dropdown menu does not contain a list of Tags you can request the Administrator for your OpenFIT account to create Tags or labels that are relevant to your work. When you have completed this screen please click Next to go to the Add Clients screen.