OpenFIT terminology

Below is a brief description of the main concepts and entities commonly used in OpenFIT.

Cases or Episodes

Cases are the highest level or hierarchy in OpenFIT. Similar to many case management systems like OpenFIT, one or more Clients can be associated with a case.


There can be one or more clients associated with a Case. The number of clients depends on whether the Case is an Individual, Couple, Family or Group case.


Sessions can also be known as appointments. You record a session for each interaction with clients. Interactions can be face to face, over the phone, online, or not specified.


Surveys are the measures that you use such as the ORS or SRS. They can be entered by Clients or Clinicians before, during and after Sessions depending on the type of Outcome Measure used.


Tagging is an advanced feature of OpenFIT. Different organizations have different requirements. Some example tags could include: Dual diagnosis or Substance Abuse. Tags can be used to filter Cases and Clients and can also be used in the Reporting component of OpenFIT.