OpenFIT Changelog

November 2021 Release Notes

Scheduling of survey Email/SMS sent is now live

Updated Dutch ORS and SRS translations for GSRS

BETA Release of OpenFIT Telehealth

We have moved to the next stage of offering the OpenFIT secure encrypted Telehealth capabilities to a wider audience. If you'd like to try this feature please drop us an email.

October 2021 Release Notes

OpenFIT App - Facial and Fingerprint recognition added

For iOS devices that have fingerprint or facial recognition setup it's the OpenFIT App can now be set to require this authentication after a Client completes a survey on a device. This is part of our enhanged security workflow to prevent a clients from accidentally seeing information on Cases/Clients they should not see.

The OpenFIT App is available for agencies who wish to try it out. Please email and we can setup you access.

Filter Sessions by DNA Status

September 2021 Release Notes

Change Case Owner function

Updated so that non-active users don't appear in list of Clinicians to whom a Case can be assigned.

Improved UI workflow for creating Administrator users

Removed the requirement to set a Default Location when checkbox for Administrator is set on new user creation screen.

Improvement to Export Survey as PDF

The export as PDF sometimes produces blank page, this was rectified. Also an issue where the report generation hung or took along time to generate the report.

August 2021 Release Notes

Import File can now contain customer Client and Case fields

For agencies that are using the CSV import file to load data or as part of ongoing batch synching of data into OpenFIT they can now include their custom field values in the import file.

New Surveys

Added the WHO5

Added the Violence Recovery Scale

Bug fixes

Fixed a temporary bug which changed the lock screen timeout period to 60 seconds.

Sometimes was possible for Clinical Supervisor to add the same Clinician x2 times in Supervisee list.

Deleted Supervised clinicians show up as undefined in the choose supervisee list.

Improvements to functionality and display of violence recovery summary.

Feature Request - Filtering Episodes by Status

We have just introduced an update to allow users to filter and sort Cases according to the Alert or summary status.

Filter Patient Cases based on Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale status

Improve the appearance of the Supervisees list

Added lastname to the list of Supervisees so that supervisors and administrators can more easily tell the configuration.

Re-enablement of the auto-lock feature

The OpenFIT lock screen will appear after 60 minutes.

Add clinical cut-off to the combined graph and collateral rater graph

July 2021 Release Notes

Addition of Profession Attribute

Certain surveys such as the SRS includes the profession name in the text. Due to the expanded use of the ORS/SRS measures in other healthcare areas from physical health to allied health professionals the ability to substitute the word "Therapist" with other professions is appropriate and less confusing for users and clients using our software.

Improvement to CSV file import process

While importing using the flat file process. A row in the csv file that has an ORS_SKIP = TRUE AND SRS_SKIP = TRUE, was also creating a blank session record.