OpenFIT Changelog

August 25th 2021

New Surveys

Added the WHO5

Added the Violence Recovery Scale

Bug fixes

Fixed a temporary bug which changed the lock screen timeout period to 60 seconds.

Sometimes was possible for Clinical Supervisor to add the same Clinician x2 times in Supervisee list.

Deleted Supervised clinicians show up as undefined in the choose supervisee list.

Improvements to functionality and display of violence recovery summary.

August 15th 2021

Feature Request - Filtering Episodes by Status

We have just introduced an update to allow users to filter and sort Cases according to the Alert or summary status.

Filter Patient Cases based on Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale status

July 7th 2021

Bug fix

While importing using the flat file process. A row in the csv file that has an ORS_SKIP = TRUE AND SRS_SKIP = TRUE, was also creating a blank session record.☯☯